Gene 1997 Oct 24;200(1-2):85-9

Identification and characterization of the gene for Drosophila S20 ribosomal protein.

Chan HY, Zhang Y, O'Kane CJ. University of Cambridge, Department of Genetics, UK.

A cDNA clone that encodes a Drosophila homologue of ribosomal protein S20 was isolated from a Drosophila ovary cDNA library. The Drosophila S20 gene (RpS20) is highly conserved with S20 genes in other organisms. It is a single copy gene and maps to position 92F-93A on polytene chromosomes. No Minute mutation in this location has been reported; at least five essential genes are possible candidates to encode RpS20. RpS20 message is expressed ubiquitously in embryos, but is expressed at high levels in the midgut.