Mol Biol Cell 2001 May;12(5):1409-19

Dribble, the Drosophila KRR1p homologue, is involved in rRNA processing.

Chan HY, Brogna S, O'Kane CJ.

Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB2 3EH, England, United Kingdom.

The Drosophila dribble (dbe) gene encodes a KH domain protein, homologous to yeast KRR1p. Expression of dbe transcripts is ubiquitous during embryogenesis. Overexpressed Dribble protein is localized in the nucleus and in some cell types in a subregion of the nucleolus. Homozygous dbe mutants die at first instar larval stage. Clonal analyses suggest that dbe(+) is required for survival of dividing cells. In dbe mutants, a novel rRNA-processing defect is found and accumulation of an abnormal rRNA precursor is detected.