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To allow high school students to learn more about The Chinese University of Hong Kong, an "Orientation day for Six Formers" is organized every year in early October. On that day, our Department will present board shows, laboratory demonstrations as well as talks concerning the admission process. Through these activities, the students will get to know what biochemistry as a science is all about and what the Department of Biochemistry is doing in its teaching and research efforts. It is hoped that this will help them in their choice of University studies.
Admission requirements (JUPAS)
To apply for admission to the undergraduate programme of studies in biochemistry, the students need to have fulfilled certain requirements set out as follows:
Good grades in:
(a) any two language courses and;
(b) Biology, Chemistry, and one subject from Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics or Engineering Science
Grade E or above in:
(a) AS Chinese Language & Culture; and AS Use of English; and
(b) (i) AL Biology or Chemistry and
  (ii) One other AL science subject or two AS science subjects
Admission Criteria:
Is HKCEE or HKALE results more important in calculating the grade point average of the applicants? 
We will consider the applicant's examination results in both HKCEE and HKALE. The results in HKCEE and HKALE will contribute 1/3 and 2/3 toward the final point average of the applicants.

Will there be any interview for the applicants? 
With the exception of those applied through the Principal's recommendation scheme or the Self-recommendation Scheme, other JUPAS applicants, in general will not be requested to attend any interview. 

Will the Department only admit students who put CUHK Biochemistry as their first choice in the application form? 
No, We will consider all the applicants and there will not be any discrimination against those who put Biochemistry at a lower priority. However, please note that under the JUPAS system, even though the applicants fulfil the requirements of several choices, he/she is given only a single offer, the one of his/her the highest priority. Hence, putting CUHK Biochemistry at a lower priority will decrease the chance of actually getting admitted into our department. For your information we totally admitted 39 students in 2007 including Jupas (2 through Sports Scholarships Scheme, 1 through School Principal Nominations), 2 Jupas EAS (Early Admissions Scheme), 1 from Non-Jupas. 
What kind of examination results is required to get into the Biochemistry Department?
Please refer to the web page of the our Admissions section. Again, you must keep in mind that the results are for reference only and the situation is certainly different from year to year.
Number of Intake:
How many students usually do we admit?
We plan to admit around 40 students each year
What are the strengths of Biochemistry Department at CUHK? 
In addition to the programme in Biochemistry, the department also administers programmes in Environmental Science, Food and Nutritional Sciences, and Molecular Biotechnology with other departments (e.g. Biology and Chemistry Departments) in the Science Faculty. The diversified background of the Department offers a unique and comprehensive opportunity in the training of undergraduate students. With our wealth of courses and research resources, students in Biochemistry can explore many areas of specialization.

What kind of languages will be used in lecture?
All lectures will be delivered in English. 
Career prospect:
What kind of jobs do Biochemistry graduates usually take up after graduation?
Every year about one-half of our graduates enter graduate school locally and abroad to pursue further study. For those who choose employment, about half entered the business sector. Others found work in Government and hospital laboratories as well as in the teaching professions. (See sections on Statistics on Graduates and Alumni)
Is it possible to continue studying for M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees after getting the B.Sc. degree?
Yes, definitely. The Biochemistry Department also offers M.Phil. and Ph.D. programme. After obtaining the B.Sc. degree, the students can first study in the M.Phil. programme. In our Department, the M.Phil. and Ph.D. students also take up concurrent work as graduate assistants.