Biochemistry is a branch of science that studies the nature of the chemical compounds and processes in living organisms. What makes biochemistry unique is its emphasis on an integrative and multidisciplinary approach in its quest to unravel the mystery of life. Over the years, it has become the very language basic to the understanding of the phenomena in biological and medical sciences. In addition to its close ties to clinical medicine, with the advent of biotechnology and genomic technology, biochemistry has also found applications in agriculture and industry from the creation of transgenic organisms to the production of new pharmaceutic and diagnostic sensors.

The School of Life Sciences is committed to provide the highest quality of teaching of Biochemisty at both under- and post-graduate levels which enables our students to possess, by the time they graduate, critical thinking, proactive and responsible attitude, efficient communication skills, a mastery of the skills of the latest high technology, and a solid background in the basic concepts of biochemistry with specialized training in a specific field or area of research.


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