Programme Director’s Message

Dear prospective students,

Thank you for visiting our website! To keep up with the rapid development of biological sciences in the 21st century, our University established a new School of Life Sciences in August 2010. Our M.Sc. Programme now belongs to this new big family. Life science has a very broad spectrum which embraces different biological disciplines, and biochemistry is one major branch of it. Our M.Sc. Programme is committed to provide the highest quality of postgraduate education in biochemical sciences which covers both textbook knowledge and contemporary practical laboratory techniques. We also aim at enhancing critical thinking and communication skills of our students.

This website contains useful information of our Programme including its objectives, curriculum design as well as other essential information. If you have specific questions in mind, you are most welcome to contact our Programme staff or myself for assistance. We shall try our best to help you out.

Yours sincerely,
H.Y. Edwin CHAN Ph.D.


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