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The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Department of Anatomical and Cellular Pathology
Prof. Ng Ho Keung

Prof. Wong Nathalie


School of Biomedical Sciences
Prof. Tsui Kwok Wing, Stephen

Prof. Waye Miu Yee, Mary

Prof. Wise Helen
Dr. Lau Sin Nga, Ann
Dr. Lee Kit Ying, Rebecca
Prof. Shum Sau Wun, Alisa
Prof. Yao Xiaoqing
Prof. Chan Wood Yee
Prof. Zhao Hui
Dr. Hwang Shui Shan, Isabel
Prof. Yangchao Chen
Prof. Sidney Yu
Prof. Jiang Xiaohua


Biochemistry Programme, School of Life Sciences
Prof. Shaw Pang Chui
Prof. Wong Kam Bo
Prof. Au Wing Ngor, Shannon
Prof. Chan Ho Yin, Edwin
Prof. Chan King Ming
Prof. Ho Wing Shing, John
Prof. Leung Lai Kwok
Prof. Lau Kwok Fai
Prof. Tsang Suk Ying, Faye

Prof. Cheung Kam Yin, Henry

Prof. Ngo Chi Ki, Jacky
Prof. Chan Ting Fung
Biology Programme, School of Life Sciences
Prof. Chu Ka Hou

Prof. Ge Wei

Prof. Kwan Kin Ming

Prof. Lam Ho Ming
Department of Chemical Pathology
Prof. Lo Yuk Ming, Dennis
Prof. Chiu Wai Kwun, Rossa

Prof. Wong Chun Kwok

Department of Clinical Oncology
Prof. Chan Tak Cheung

Department of Microbiology

Prof. Chan Kay Sheung, Paul

Department of Medicine and Therapeutics

Prof. Poon C. W., Terence

Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Prof. Pang Chi Pui, Calvin

Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Prof. Lui Po Yee, Pauline

Department of Paediatrics

Prof. Li H. K., Karen

School of Pharmacy

Prof. Larry Baum

Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences

Dr. Jovian Ip

The University of Hong Kong
Department of Biochemistry
Prof. Sham Mai Har

Prof. Cheung C. H., Martin

Prof. Tsang Wai Kei, Paul
Department of Anatomy
Prof. George Tsao
Department of Physiology
Prof. Masayo Kotaka
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Division of Life Science

Prof. Chow King

Prof. Qi. Robert Z.
Prof. Hannah Xue
Prof. Wong Yung Hou
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Department of Health Technology and Informatics

Prof. Yip S. P.

Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology
Prof. Lee Daniel
City University of Hong Kong
Department of Biology and Chemistry

Prof. Yun Wah Lam

Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology
Prof. Ho Kwok Keung
Prof. Boyde
Prof. Ho Yuan Yuan
Prof. Lui Wai Yan, Vivian


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