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Principal Investigator


Name:  Professor Kong Siu Kai


Prof. SK Kong was born in Hong Kong. His PhD and MBA degree were obtained respectively from from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and University of Strathclyde, UK. After finishing his postdoctoral training at CUHK, he joined the Department of Biochemistry at CUHK in 1991. He is now a Professor at the School of Life Sciences, CUHK and a Chartered Biologist in the UK. Kong’s research interests are Development of Biosensors; Erythropoiesis and Apoptosis; Mitochondria as Regulators for Cell Death and Cancer Formation. He publishes more than 100 papers in peer-review journals and holds more than five full US patents for biosensing.




Graduate Students

Name: Lee Chun Kit, Alan

Research Interest:

Multi-drug Resistance, Hepatocarcinoma, Mast cell degranulation, Mitochondria





Name:  Lam Shing Fung, Thomas

Research Interest:

Mitochondria, MicroRNA, Cancer






Name:  Liu Shiyue, Dora

Research Interest:

Stem cell, Femtosecond laser, Microfluidic





Undergraduate Students

Name: Or Chung Sze 

Research Interest:

Epigenetics, Multi-drug Resistance

Email: kitor626@gmail.com



Name:  Sammi Lo

Research Interest:

Epigenetics, Multi-drug Resistance

Email: sammisylo@gmail.com



Name:Phoebe Tong

Research Interest:

Cancer Cell Apotosis

Email: phoebe.ch.cheung@gmail.com





Lab Manager

Name:  Irene Lau





Dr. Yeung Hing Yuen, Victor

Dr. Loo Fong Chuen, Jacky,

Ms. Law Lok Gi, Iris

Ms. Wong Suet Yin, Margaret

Mr. Yeung Ka Wing, Jacky