In this package, you are going to learn molecular biology by application of virtual-reality technologies. The mobile apps allows you to manipulate biomolecules in 3-D using virtual reality headset. You can experience biomolecules more memorable than anything you read in a book.


About 22 virtual biomolecules for Molecular Biology course aiming to help you understand and memorize the three-dimensional structures and the molecular interactions between them that enable function. For each biomolecule, you can also revise what you have learnt by doing the revision questions provided.

Instruction for use:

1. VR headset with control button is required for this apps.

2. Use a control button on VR headset to interact with the apps

• Red dot for pointing option


• Press button for select option

• Zoom-in: point to background & hold button

• Zoom-out; point to arrow at the bottom/ top & Hold button

Go to "Setting" button in Menu for:

Auto Rotate (Clockwise/Counter-clockwise/Off): To control rotation movement

Rotate Speed (Normal/Fast/Slow): To adjust rotation speed


Tilt to Steer (On/ Reversed/ Off): To control tilt movement

Info Box (On/Off): Information about the molecule (if any).

Go to "Reset camera" button in Menu for:

• Reset the location of the molecule to the centre of the camera.

The virtual biomolecules are divided into categories as below:

Please go to Apps Store or Google Play for download and install as stated in the following link:

For Android, scan QR code or go to website below:

For IOS, scan QR code or go to website below:

Enjoy the virtual reality experience!


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